martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

MUST HAVE: Pastel (Color)

 Emma Roberts

 Kate Bosworth

Rosie Huntigton Whiteley

3 comentarios:

  1. L O V E pastels.
    some of these outfits are so so pretty.

    ps. hilary's baby news is super cute, but yeah, she's so young. i mean, i'm almost her age and i cannot imagine being married with a baby on the way. they're adorable though and i'm so glad. she'll be the most amazing mother! i've also followed her career since lizzie macguire - she's incredible! i just hope she continues on after the baby. x.

  2. me encantan los colores pasteles, hace poco me compré un vestido en HM en rosita palo! un beso muy grande, car <3

  3. Que inspiradoras fotos!
    Me encantan esos tonos, en especial los rosas!!
    Un besin :)



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