viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

White Summer

Alexa Chung

Lauren Conrad

Kate Hudson
Lindsay Lohan

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  1. los vestidos blancos me tienen enamorada, no pueden ser mas favorecedores y femeninos, y mas en verano con el morenito!
    gran entrada!

    besitos y feliz finde!

  2. love these.
    in the 6th shot, with model emma balfour, do you know what label it's for?
    i have an inkling that it may be 'willow', but i'm not certain.
    the skirt is adorable! x.

  3. love the 3rd shot.the way the sunlight is reflected on the dress reveals how great the photographer has an eye for great images Totally love your blog.

  4. Lovely post!!! I really like Isabel Lucas oufit and also the second picture and dress are amazing!

    I really like your blog, I just find out about you, I am following you from now on..



  5. Me encanta el blanco! LLevo meses detras de un vestido blanco que me guste pero al final siempre lo voy dejando...



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